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Slow Water – Photography 101

I’ve always wanted to take the slow photos of running water. I bought a tripod. I slowed the shot down. I also got a darkening filter, which made all the difference. (I never knew they existed.) Here are 3 photos taken at the same time with different settings. Although the assignment was about motion, I noticed the color in the slow shots is a lot deeper and more balanced. I’m sure the darkening filter had a lot to do with it.

If you are interested in settings, click on a photo and they will show up on the slideshow.

I used to have a Pentax MX – totally manual. I used to understand the relationship between aperture and shutter speed. Since getting my DSLR, I’ve been pretty lazy in letting the camera do all the work. I’m just now relearning these things, and it’s a steep learning curve.

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Architecture and Monochrome – Photography 101

During a break in the rain, I was able to get out and take some photos of historic downtown Albany, Oregon. I don’t know if I like the looking-up shots, but the details on the tops of the buildings are very nice in person. I tried to capture that. I don’t know how successful I was.

1 – Historic church
2 – I used a red filter when editing this, which brought out the sky and blooms on the tree
3 – Old building with reflection. I wish I would have waited for the car to pass. I would have had a longer sidewalk view.
4 – Looking up
5 – This bridal shop had an interesting storefront
6 – Self portrait 🙂
7 – Again with the red filter. It made the words pop.
8 – Another historic building/sidewalk view
9 – Looking up again
10 – Another view of #3 with daffodils in the foreground

I found it very hard to take architectural photos without getting a lot of peripheral garbage like power lines and signage. Any pointers?

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A Pop of Color – Photography 101

For this assignment, I grabbed a couple of pictures that I took within the last few days and a couple from the archives. You can never go wrong with flowers, and they are the pop of color in my dreary, rainy world right now. I have always loved the simplicity of the paper ornament on the tree, and the Costa Rican flag added a pop of color to my beach shot.

Spring daffodils
Spring tulips


Pura Vida! Enjoying the sunset at the beach in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Light – Photography 101

Today the sun came out in the afternoon. I chose walking the dog over pulling out the SLR but I tried to play around with the light with my cell phone camera. There are a few pictures looking into the sun, and one taking advantage of the evening light on the grass field and canal. I don’t really like the looking into the sun ones, as they are washed out in comparison. I’ll probably come back and revise this assignment when I have more time to fiddle around.


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Nature – Photography 101

The rain let up and I was able to head to the county park to take some nature shots. I’m not sure I have the leading lines idea down when it comes to nature, or at all. I’ve taken these type of shots before just because I liked the way they looked. I think I like the idea of perspective from my art class days. I’ll be looking for leading lines now. (Click on any photo to see a slide show.)

What do you think? What works and what doesn’t?