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On the Street

I missed yesterday’s assignment. Totally forgot about it until night. (I thought about going out and taking a night shot, but it was too cold.) I have lots of road pictures, but I really want this experience to be about attempting to focus on one new aspect to the photography. Thus, I ended up out on the rainy Main St. of my town. Here is my selection. Photo1010702

I think my town is rather colorless on the best of days, and it doesn’t represent well on a dreary rainy one.

Here’s an old one from a few Christmases ago of a street in downtown Portland. I kind of like the perspective in this one, though I don’t know why I didn’t move a few steps up and get rid of that fire hydrant. Portland1116


5 thoughts on “On the Street

    1. Well thank you very much. 🙂 I went back and looked. I can honestly say I didn’t pay much attention to the car, but now that you mention it, I agree that it brightens the photo up. Lucky break on that note. 🙂 Thanks for visiting and commenting.


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