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Beating the Heat – Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge

For this week I chose a series of pictures I took when we went to the coast to beat the valley heat. We hiked to Drift Creek Falls, which was still sunny and fairly warm at 72 degrees. (The valley was in the 100s.) It’s close to Lincoln City, but didn’t get the coastal breeze.


Trail to Drift Creek Falls

Drift Creek Falls bridge

As we were leaving, with the intention of heading to the beach, we saw the fog rolling over Cascade Head and decided to go there instead. There’s a fairly unknown trail at the top that winds through Douglas fir, spruce and alder. This fine Sunday it was awash in either a strange localized rain or massive dripping from the fog-laden vegetation. And windy! Oh, boy, was it windy. At one point I was hoping the trees would remain standing for the remainder of our hike. Still, it was refreshing. Traipsing through the forest in this wild weather was my favorite part of the day.


Mr. A on Cascade Head Trail



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