Things Are Looking Up (Hopefully)

It’s a new year. There’s a Covid-19 vaccine. If only we can just hold out a little bit longer.

I stood at the bottom of these stairs on a cold January afternoon. My impromptu trip to the coast was a quick adventure. The ocean was calling. On that day, I didn’t eat at my favorite restaurants. I didn’t go into my favorite galleries (though I could have, masked up). I didn’t stay in my favorite hotel. The purpose of this getaway was just to take some pictures and see the ocean.

I stood by the stormy seas at Nye Beach and listened to the pounding winter waves. I breathed in the salt air. I felt a sense of gratitude and hope that we will soon be able to freely do our favorite things again.

Things are looking up.

This is my submission for day 5 of the Square Up Photo Challenge. I

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