Close Up

I have a hard time being observant. I often pick up on something as new that’s been there all along that I’ve never noticed before. (Does this happen to you?) My goal is to be more mindful – to slow down, stay in one place for a while, look around, and notice.

This mushroom was growing on a log. I found it on a gravel road off of Mary’s Peak in the Siuslaw National Forest. Check out those needles! This is a small mushroom.

This close up is my latest entry into the Square Up Photography Challenge. Today is day 6.

15 thoughts on “Close Up

    1. Thanks! That one was on a log, but I have taken pictures of tiny mushrooms on the ground before where I’ve been on my knees picking tiny pieces of moss out of the way. I think those are on my now-dead external hard drive. 😦


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