Loaded Up and Ready to Go

Loaded up

Last week I took a quick trip to the coast to take pictures. The crabbing fleet was in the marina, loaded up with crab pots and ready to go. It seems their season had been at least delayed by a surplus of crab from last year and a resultant price negotiation for this year’s crab. I hope they have it sorted out by now. There were some pretty depressed fishermen wandering around town.

This is my latest submission to the Square Up Photo Challenge, Day 9.

4 thoughts on “Loaded Up and Ready to Go

  1. My goodness, we have a shortage of crab here in BC to the north. Almost all of it goes directly to China and the prices have shot up from $8/lb to $22/lb. We were dying for crab so we paid $44 for a Dungeness crab for our special COVID Christmas dinner!


    1. Dungeness runs about $10 a pound at the store here. I think they said fishermen were negotiating around the $2.50 mark. I’m guessing you really enjoyed your COVID Christmas crab. I hope you savored every bite! 🙂


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