Don’t Forget to Look Up

A couple of years ago, my husband and I went to Salt Lake City for a concert. During the time we spent there, we went to the state house so I could take some pictures. I was just going to shoot the outside, but I peeked inside, then ventured in. I had the place to myself. It’s gorgeous! I believe it was recently restored. I was a little nervous there, not knowing if it was okay to wander freely and take pictures. It was so quiet. It seemed to be okay, so I had a grand time admiring the art and architecture and taking lots of photos.

This photo was shot looking up into the dome. The painting in the center is of seagulls flying among the clouds and the circles are from a hanging light fixture.

This is my submission to the Square Up Photo Challenge, Day 16.

View from Up Above

Brrr! Not my cup of tea (actually, iced coffee) right now. This is a favorite drink during the summer. From the archives, naturally. 🙂

This is my latest submission to the Square Up Photo Challenge, Day 15. I think I linked my yesterday’s submission to Becky’s today also. Darn time differences!

Look Up

I have no witty words to go with my photos today. This current climate is wearing on me.

This is a photo I took during the Art and Air Festival that takes place annually in Albany, Oregon. It’s always a thrill to see the balloons in the air on a summer morning. I usually forget about it until my husband calls and says, “The balloons are here!” Then I rush to get my coffee, run a brush through my hair, grab my camera and try to capture them before they land in a local field. I like the pattern this one made at this angle and in black and white.

This is my latest contribution to the Square Up Photo Challenge, day 12. It’s been very good for the soul to see everyone’s beautiful photos.

Don’t Interrupt the Hunt

A little kestrel turns as if to say, “Don’t interrupt my hunt.” I spotted him on a sign right by the auto tour road at Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge in Washington state.

This was my first drive through the refuge. For this 4 mile loop, everyone stays in their car, so the birds are less skittish and usually don’t pay attention to the people.

This is my contribution to day 11 of the Square Up Photo Challenge.

Any trips that contribute to this blog are day trips that require minimal to no interaction with others. I’m fully on board with any and all COVID-19 protocols. Just thought I should state that for the record.


This is a great challenge! I love bridges. You can find the challenge here if you want to play along.

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Larwood Bridge, Scio, Oregon

I’ve been trying to find Oregon’s covered bridges over the past couple of years. They’re all very pretty, but it’s been hard to find them with the right lighting or season to make a great photo. I lucked out on the Larwood Bridge shot. It was such a beautiful fall morning! And early! This is cougar country, so I spent a lot of time looking over my shoulder.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is harris-covered-bridge-3176.jpg
Harris Bridge, Benton County, Oregon

Harris Bridge is one of my favorites to shoot. It’s a super quiet road, and there aren’t a lot of visual distractions, so I can play around with angles.

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Lowell Covered Bridge at Christmas

I made at least 3 trips down to Dexter Reservoir in Eugene to try to catch the lights on Lowell Bridge. They took their sweet time putting them up, but I finally got the shot with Christmas lights on it.

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Yaquina Bay Bridge, Newport, Oregon

The Yaquina Bay Bridge is one of my favorite bridges. It’s an iconic Oregon Coast landmark, and looks great in any weather and any angle, it seems. I did a subtle moody edit on this one. I like that there was a boater at the bottom to give it a sense of scale.

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An old-fashioned boy’s bridge

Anything can be a bridge, right? The last photo is my son crossing the McKenzie River near the Blue Pool trail. He made it. His friend didn’t. Boys! The friend did manage to cling onto the log until we could help him out. (This is an ice cold river!) Lucky for him, we had thrown an extra set of clothes and shoes in the car.

Loaded Up and Ready to Go

Loaded up

Last week I took a quick trip to the coast to take pictures. The crabbing fleet was in the marina, loaded up with crab pots and ready to go. It seems their season had been at least delayed by a surplus of crab from last year and a resultant price negotiation for this year’s crab. I hope they have it sorted out by now. There were some pretty depressed fishermen wandering around town.

This is my latest submission to the Square Up Photo Challenge, Day 9.