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CFFC – Barns and Old Houses

These photos were all taken on Mormon Row in the Tetons. We were lucky to get a beautiful clear day on the first try. On the second it had snowed in the mountains and the clouds were low, but we had to go back and get the iconic Teton barn we missed the first time around. 🙂tetonsrs00000095tetonbarn00000097tetonbarn00000098

Thanks to Cee for another Fun Foto Challenge!



A Cool Image for a Hot Summer Day

Foggy day in the Willamette Valley
Foggy day in the Willamette Valley

It’s been so hot in the valley. Yesterday the thermometer read 103 degrees. I realize for many out there this seems like whining, but we are weather wimps over here in Oregon. Our shorts come out when it hits 60 degrees and we can be seen running on the roads in the 50s, 40s, and even into the 30s. So 103 is kind of hot.

What I wouldn’t give for just one cool, foggy day like this one.