Gearing up for the Holidays

Hey friends! If you’re already shopping and are interested in supporting small artists, I have items on Zazzle and Redbubble. Apparently today is mug Monday. 🙂 I’ll continue to post some of my listings as the holidays approach. Thank you! Yaquina Lighthouse Mug by C_Avilez_Photo_Art Red Poppy Mug by C_Avilez_Photo_Art Mount Hood Reflection Mug byContinue reading “Gearing up for the Holidays”


Now she walks in quiet solitude the forest and the streams Seeking grace in every step she takes Her sight has turned inside herself to try and understand The serenity of a clear blue mountain lake. (Technically, a beaver pond, but you get the picture. Lyrics from my soul song, Colorado Rocky Mountain High, byContinue reading “Serene”