Walter’s Wiggles

Our May trip to the Utah National Parks was filled with upward motion. This is a photo of the switchback “Walter’s Wiggles” on the way up to Angels Landing in Zion. Those little spots of color between the trees are people near the top of the switchback. Props to these random strangers for posing forContinue reading “Walter’s Wiggles”


Now she walks in quiet solitude the forest and the streams Seeking grace in every step she takes Her sight has turned inside herself to try and understand The serenity of a clear blue mountain lake. (Technically, a beaver pond, but you get the picture. Lyrics from my soul song, Colorado Rocky Mountain High, byContinue reading “Serene”

CFFC – Barns and Old Houses

These photos were all taken on Mormon Row in the Tetons. We were lucky to get a beautiful clear day on the first try. On the second it had snowed in the mountains and the clouds were low, but we had to go back and get the iconic Teton barn we missed the first timeContinue reading “CFFC – Barns and Old Houses”