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Big – Photography 101

I live in a small town, where nothing is very big. Small stores and business line the small road through it. The biggest thing around is Walmart, and who wants to see that? Therefore, the subject of my photo is a biggish train trestle that lies at the edge of town.

Before you warn me about the dangers of taking pictures on RR tracks, let me assure you that I know this one. It is hardly used and trains pass slowly when they do go by. In addition, I was shooting from the road and there was an automatic gate right behind me as an extra alert to an approaching train. It can be extremely dangerous to take pictures on RR tracks. Many people have died doing so. A great picture is not worth the risk. Keep that in mind when you see a great RR picture.

(Click on the above link for guidelines for photographers from Union Pacific RR)

Photo #1 Straight on with zoom
Photo #2 – Zoomed out and to the side to show perspective


Walking back from taking a side shot, spotted these flowers and the trestle became a backdrop.
Photo #4 – Side view with telephoto lens
Photo #5 – Side view with telephoto lens

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